I have said a great deal in comments to blogs posted by Community Team Members already. Some of what I have to say is old news to those that read my comments at those blogs, but I am addressing Editors at wikis I play a part in. However, I think parts of my Blog are important for all including Community Team Staff, and helpers.

My Background on Wikia:
I have been editing at Wikia since September 2008. I began editing at Ghostbusters Wiki. I however, wouldn't say I had hit my stride til March 2009 as I had taken over Ghostbusters Wiki a month earlier. Anyways, I have also helped countless wikis over the last two years.

Incoming: New Wikia Look!
I found out the big first look at the new look as Sannse's blog "Your First Look at the New Wikia". My thoughts then, was overall the design wasn't bad even then, and the issue was the width of the content section.

Now one could argue "You didn't come out fighting it, you were at one time supportive"...... Well a few things on that one. First off, as a Beta I figured they'd fix that with the amount of negatives they were getting. But issues become even worse when Wikia started allowing Video Ads which would make noise even when you turned them down. While not related to the new Look, I was being pelted with comments about it on other forums related to wikis I play a part in over here. Things hit there worsted around September 12 when I was told no one is taking my Wiki seriously cause of the ads. In so many words the Ghostbusters Fan Community will never take our hard work seriously. At that point I got the idea to suggest a Merger and having Ghostbusters Content merged into a site called GBFans. For more on this read here. Since there was no strong support within Ghostbusters Wiki, the idea was abandoned. Since then it has been decided that a merger with GBFans wouldn't work anyways as they Wiki system is not properly together, and they have no interest in accommodating the wiki staff. So after all that it was decided Ghostbusters Wiki will weather the New Look Storm.

After all that I have in a way returned with a new thought on this. In so many words, Wikia is a free Wiki providing service. They give you room for a wiki and the tools to do it. They in turn own your work. It may sound awful but it is true.

So yes you have choices, but really the following:

  • 1. Leave Wikia and give up on the whole thing
  • 2. Be a stick in the mud, and just cry the whole way through the change over
  • 3. You can except that Wikia for better or worse is doing this and your going to stay and play a part

I have chosen 3 as it is free, and considering it that way, you get free hosting and tools to build, how could I argue.

Now what about the Wikis and the New Look?
I have chosen to stick it out and make the best of it, and first of all is getting all the wikis I play a part in up to New Wikia's look. Currently 5 wikias are updated, featured in this blog by Susan Taylor. There are a few pages on the changes to look at:

So What will you (Devilmanozzy) be doing during the Change Over?
I have already started work on converting over Ghostbusters Wiki as these two cute files are there: (Oasis-background) and (Oasis-wordmark)

Are you going to help me with my wiki, getting the image files made?
First off the Oasis-background at this point is only a guess. I believe it will be treated like the badges in achievements and will most likely be uploaded through the new tool called "Theme Designer". Note that atleast on Muppets Wiki that the background becomes a no file type kind of file. However, I found if you download the file and then rename it something "something.jpg" it will become a image file once more. Anyways, I'm willing to help wikis that need a hand in it, if they need a logo or the background made. Currently I am doing the following wiki's:

That is the list so far. Friends of mine will take priority after this list, then people that ask for help.

Note: For those leaving: Read this Blog!

So what do you plan to do?

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