Once a wiki gets off the ground and edits/articles go up, there always seems to be a system that develops from it. That is what this blog is about.

Who are your fellow editors anyways? There seems to be a few different types of editors types I've found over the last two years here I'll list

  • Strongly Interested type- They edit at least once a day, and in multiple large content edits. They are usually the backbone of a wiki. Many times they are the administrator to the wiki or aim to be. The only possible bad thing about them is at some point, if they are not a admin, they will ask to be.
  • Minor Grammar/Spelling Fixer type- They do edits usually with no real time plan (once a week to once a month), and they edits as the name suggests are small. They seem to care about how the wiki is perceived, and they like proper looking articles.
  • Fanboy Edit type- They come and go editing in massive amounts, and the edits usually lack strong references to back them up, and have grammer/spelling issues. They sometimes get obsessed with things being a view point they have.
  • Image Posting type- They come and go adding lots of pictures, and many of the pictures have very good quality. They seem to be motivated at making articles appealing with the images.
  • Template/Design Specialist type- Most of they edits are maintenance, therefore not really a regular time plan. They are usually also administrators to the wiki, as its required for some tools.
  • Casual type- They appear whenever, and do basic content edits. They edits therefore, sometimes need formatting from other editors.
  • Traveling type- They basically edit in one period of time, then never return to the wiki. They almost always have formatting problems, and the content many times has grammer/spelling issues.
  • Social type- They don't really edit articles all that much, but will give ideas and advice on talk pages, comments to blogs, and the forum.