Recently, I got a invite to join a new wiki called Galapedia Wiki, and looking at it, I was like.....there is a wiki based on this already.... Galaga Wiki. First thing, I understand that people start wikis to give fresh perspective on a topic, but Galaga is a not so hot subject these days, and why start another wiki? At this point I'm confused.

So I have compiled reasons to start a new Wiki and when not to.

Reason to make a wiki based on same subject
  • The mod is protecting ever page on the wiki
  • The mod undo's most edits including yours.
  • Bad category system or no category system.
Reason to work on old Wiki instead of making new one.
  • Subject of the wiki is old/not popular and therefore wont attract many editors.
  • If the wiki is dead, you can simple adopt it and build from there, saving time and steps.
  • Working with others is a good thing, why knock it?!