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Where I stand when it comes to Leaving Wikis(and or) Users

Some have serious issues lately with Wikia. I have been asked what I think and feel on Wikis and users that leave.

Well first off as you can read here, I am not going to be leaving, nor have any wikis I contribute to. I'll weather the storm.

Fine So are You going to Discourage/stop people from leaving?
I will suggest they should have a wait and see approach to Wikia, but if they are leaving I will not try and stop them. I feel its they right to do as they see fit. I have accounts at other none wikia wikis. I'm also openly supportive of Transformers Wiki, and of Anti-Wikia Alliance group(Alternate).

Will you help us Move?
Well not totally. At the end of the day, you got to do it anyways. Research is the key. Offhand if you are just looking for a place to move your wiki to, Shoutwiki offers that. They can even help you move.

Do I want you to Move away from Wikia?
No. I rather you wait out the storm as said earlier. Change happens all the time on the net, and Wikia is going through change. Some good, some bad. But I wont hold you back.

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