I am growing tired of this trend among wikis of adding information without citing it. Now many here know that I don't profess to be some sort of scholar or anything, in fact I dislike those who push it. I'm for the common man! lol

But references are not just for the highly educated smarties out there. They are used to avoid needless arguments on a wiki which happen thanks to people using hearsay. And this has to a point always been a problem, but in recent years thanks to the popularity of the internet (and wikis on it) that people use wiki articles for they own value. This may sound like point blank going against assuming good faith, but there people that honestly let they point of view get in the way of they edits. Having such a person have free reign without some sort of proof of they statements truth only hurts everyones edits.

Recently, I have started relying more on them as many wikis I know seem to always have "little fits" which could have been avoided by this measure.

EDIT ADD ON: I meant encyclopedias.