I have had a honest discussion recently with a website webmaster to a Ghostbusters Website/Forum, Which was very informative. I was told that cause our Wiki was by Wikia that he thought Wikia had made it to get more ad revenue. He sense seeing I (and my friends and fellow editors) was the ones told me that the wiki was intense and well done. But he sees Wikia as a bad place and encouraged me to build my own wiki.

Talk about shocking. I then did something different at the wiki to address this issue: Ghostbusters Wiki:Agenda Policy.

Why did I do it? Well it is clear people don't know the truth of Wikia and that its a friendly place to build a wiki. They think that Wiki only makes or takes content (much like other "wikis").

I blame this on the constant attacks by unnamed competitor wiki farm.

Now I am here to suggest to fellow Wikis that they do the the same, and have the admins all sign it as I had my fellow admins at Ghostbusters Wiki do.

As for wikia, I hope the Wikia Staff know this concern, and can address it. I know wikia does care about its editors and viewers, but its PR needs to focus on building up Wikis and showing that the Wikifarm indeed has integrity.