Many times my blogs are aimed at beginners and starting out projects. But this blog is about when you may have hit the wall, and you may want to take a break.

Lets face it, if you edit more than 4 hours a day and do other none wiki activities such as school/work/childcare (stay at home mom), you get stressed more. Now I know that many of us came to Wikia enjoying a subject and writing about it almost non-stop. But have you had any heated arguments online or at home after a long day? Sometimes it may seem silly to blame building a wiki on your issues, and that is not what I'm suggesting here. But a break can help, especially if you been here for years.

What about the Wiki(s)?

With most wikis around, you have fellow editors that can pick up the slack. Take a break. If you been at wikia editing for years; you earned a week to two week break. Tell a fellow administrator or editor your taking a two week vacation. They most likely wont have a problem covering the slack. Even if you work on the project alone, I doubt much vandalism will happen in two weeks. Use Recent Changes when you get back to catch up.

The Holidays are coming up, and you should try to enjoy it with friends and family. Turn off your computer, and go do something. Take a break!