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The Slant

Dextray June 8, 2016 User blog:Dextray

The slant

​I was in the woods one night with my friends we heard a noise it was a high pitched scream We looked to see if anything was following us and so we turned around and we saw a creature his or her head was slanted it had no fur it had big claws we ran back home and locked all the doors we ran upstairs we heard the same scream again but it had a kind of yelp we were all at four corners of the bed room we had no phones to call my parents for help we left them at my friends house so we had to state in that pace for the night because we were to afraid to go outside morning eventually came we all woke up but that creature was gone we followed a path back home the pathblead trough some fields with tall grass when we got to those fields that same scream we heard was here again we tried to go as fast as we can we finnaly made it home.

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