Greetings from Diesel!

Hello everybody of FANDOM! I am Diesel0307, and I want to share with you all this new project that I've been trying to work on. It is called the Nested Wiki. I wanted to make this because I really enjoy the browser game, Nested.

Some stuff you can find in-game

It's a really great game that I believe should have more popularity due to how creative it is! And, so, I wanted you all to know about the Wiki I made about it!

What's this all about?

If you didn't know already, I made a Wiki for the game called Nested. Nested is a browser game made by the French progammer, who also made the game Cookie Clicker. The game itself is about clicking on tabs and exploring a randomly generated universe through text! It is very interesting so I thought I should dedicate a Wiki to it. I created the Wiki last year, but it wasn't popular and I abandoned it for a while. But I came back to it due to me rediscovering how wonderful Nested really is!

You should join me!

I really do insist that you try the game for yourself, because you are likely to find an interest in it! If you do like it, you should join the wiki and help spread how great it is to other people! I've barely written any pages yet (Only 7), but the game has so much to offer that it won't be hard increasing that number. My general goal is to include everything in the game and maybe even some fanon content because you can actually mod Nested!

I really just want the game itself to be more popular because it really is something great! If you were to join it would mean a lot because more people should know about this and understand it.


If you seem interested at all but still have questions about everything, I'd be glad to answer. I just really hope that you consider trying Nested, and that you too want to share this experience with more people. Until then, have a great day and help the Nested Wiki grow!