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User blog:Dim1/New feature for Anti-vandalism and Maintenance


New feature for Anti-vandalism and Maintenance

Dim1 June 1, 2013 User blog:Dim1

Well, how often do wikis recieve multiple vandalisms or just a mistake with a bot that messes up a wiki's pages. Just recently a bot messed up a score of my pages on my wiki and now our editors are stuck undoing the 100s of pages that were affected by the bot. I was hoping for a new feature that would allow for an admin to rollback all the contributions made by a user in a given timespan. Not only could this correct problems caused by a bad bot but also undo the damage done by vandals that hit wikis, since the most trouble vandals cause is the clean-up that is needed after them. Still this just my opinion and well if I had to give this new feature a name it would be mass  contribution rollback, or eraser either one. I hope anyone will give this idea consideration.

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