• Dimentio99

    Hey there fellow wikians! So im going on vacation to Africa for a month(decembet 9th too january 15th) just giving a heads up to when ill be away(i dunno if ill have wifi there) so if u message me ill respond whenever i have wifi. when i get back ill tell you some stories ok XD ill miss u all! :P

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  • Dimentio99

    Wikia High School :3

    November 12, 2015 by Dimentio99

    hello wikians wassup

    iv been thinking and its about time i write a freaken blog.

    well its sorta like a interactive story thing.(totally not copied from natchtide)

    so everyone is in wikia high school and there are 4 classes with 10 hurry up cuz seats are limited.

    you guys can decide who u wanna be with in the same class.also 3 ppl can be one of the teachers.

    so sign up and lets have fun.

    UPDATE:Vote on first day of school options:

    CLASS 1:XxShikigamiXx,Fujiwara No Mokou,Loyganso,Angrydroidka10,Blog Author Auburn,Kawaii Unicorn,PinkGirl234,PrinceKakarotSS3

    CLASS 2:Jakuzure-kun,Ikido,Zmario,SomeRandomHuman,CoyoteDork,Wicked Beauty

    Teachers:Dimentio99,Austin D-4


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  • Dimentio99

    Wikias got Comedy

    October 18, 2015 by Dimentio99

    Hey wikians!

    Well its time for(DRUMROLL PLS)......the unoffical annual wikias got comedy!

    This a contest to see whitch wikian has the best sense of humor(after me).

    You can post a meme,joke,pick up line or anything u find funny.

    Rules(you better read them or im calling upon the holy zedd to come and make u read them)

    1:Make your content original,dont copy the funniest meme you can find on memecenter.

    2:No swearing(ok the word stupid is fine),no innaproprate pictures,NO MEMES ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE MY JOKES ARE.

    3:dont put other peoples funny stuff down,its just rude.

    4:HAVE FUN!

    The prize is bragging rights(good enought)

    Without further ado.....LETS GET THIS STARTED!

    May the best wikian win and good luck to all.

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