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Wikias got Comedy

Dimentio99 October 18, 2015 User blog:Dimentio99

Hey wikians!

Well its time for(DRUMROLL PLS)......the unoffical annual wikias got comedy!

This a contest to see whitch wikian has the best sense of humor(after me).

You can post a meme,joke,pick up line or anything u find funny.

Rules(you better read them or im calling upon the holy zedd to come and make u read them)

1:Make your content original,dont copy the funniest meme you can find on memecenter.

2:No swearing(ok the word stupid is fine),no innaproprate pictures,NO MEMES ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE MY JOKES ARE.

3:dont put other peoples funny stuff down,its just rude.


The prize is bragging rights(good enought)

Without further ado.....LETS GET THIS STARTED!

May the best wikian win and good luck to all.

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