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HELLO! When i was 7 yrs old I love watching cartoons but when I was 9yrs old i want anime!! I will tell you my story!

When I was 7yrs old I love watching cartoons and me and my sibling always play jack-n-poy  and when he wins we will watch anime but,when I  win we will watch cartoons! Then,any time I lose I write it on my notebook.HAHA!!

But, when I was 8yrs old in my school I always play jack-n-poy,and when I watch tv with my sibling I always win in our jack-n-poy! and when I was 9 yrs old I love anime and my sibling was so happy!! We dont need to play jack-n-poy haha!! :) pls visit my wikia ---->

THANKS for visiting my wikia GOD BLESS!!! :D -Djtrance

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