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  • Doctor98

    Looking back on it, helping TheSitcomLover out of getting blocked, I've learned very many valuable editing tips and tricks to maintain your admin status, and not seem like the biggest nerd on wikia.

    Okay, links are good (Very, Very Good). They help show off the wikia you are proud to edit. But don't sit there, go through the page, and go "Oh. Gee.. I want that to be a link. I'll do it."


    Links, as I said, are good, but just one or two to the same page are all that are really needed. For example:

    My favorite page is Help:Color. I like Help:Color. Help:Color is cool. we should all read Help:Color.

    My favorite page is

    Help:Color I like that page. It's cool. we should all read Help:Color.

    The first sentence looked very …

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  • Doctor98

    Just so you know..

    December 27, 2013 by Doctor98

    I moved my account from "TheNewGuy01" to "Doctor98." I wanted everyone to know this.

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