aka Dragoș

  • I live in Ploiești, Romania
  • I was born on May 10
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Male
  • Dodo8

    Hello! I'm a Roll-back user on the GTA Wiki.

    We're having problem with the MediaWiki:Wikia. We are trying to make the names of the Staff members to appear in other colors in the News Feed. The code is alright, we cleared our caches, but it won't work. This is the code:

    /* Bureaucrats */ a[href="/wiki/User:McJeff"], a[href="/wiki/User:Messi1983"], a[href="/wiki/User:The Tom"] { color:#00FFFF !important; }
    /* Administrators */
    a[href="/wiki/User:Ilan xd"], a[href="/wiki/User:JBanton"], a[href="/wiki/User:LS11sVaultBoy"], a[href="/wiki/User:Mikey Klebbitz"], a[href="/wiki/User:Winter Moon"] { color:#1589FF !important; }
    /* Patrollers */
    a[href="/wiki/User:Bob.cutlass2"], a[href="/wiki/User:Boomer8"], a[href="/wiki/User:Dodo8"], a[href="/wiki/User:I…

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