• Doh5678

    Wikia, you think Oasis is a good idea. Well you're wrong. Just admit it for once. Blocking people like Solar Dragon for saying what they fucking think about you're s*it skin oasis. Just fucking listen. Remove Oasis. Restore Monaco. That'll stop all this moaning. And if some wiki decides to move, they can tell people can't they. WoWWiki moved because of your skin. Surely that made you think 'Hmmm... Maybe this skin thing is a bad idea'. About 99% of the people I know have been blocked/desysoped from wikia. You're like big brother from 1984. Let people do what they fucking want. Listen to their pleas. Just get rid of OASIS and most will be happy.

    Block me all you like, I'm sure most users agree with me

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