Hi, i have created the MinecraftPlanetEarth Wiki ( in 09/2014. I was working on it, until 02/2015, when because of a week of inactivity, another admin told me to give it to him. Due to the fact i was going to be inactive, i gave it to him and demoted myself. However, once i came back, he said he won't give the ranks back and later, in 09/2015, i was banned by an admin to who i gave the permissions by myself, for unknown reasons since i didn't edit the wiki since 02/2015, i didn't vandalise or anything. That's what i get: "Threat to the server and to the wiki". Wikia Staff, please help! Unban me, and, if possible, make me admin-bureaucrat back since i created the wiki. I know it was a big mistake to give that admin rank but i won't make that mistake again. Please help. DominikWSP (talk) 11:32, November 7, 2015 (UTC)

P.S.: I talked to TheCarlagas recently, and he didn't want to unban me. I know you aren't unbanning like that, but, well, i'm the founder of the wiki, so it is a particular case, no?