Today I went to Medieval Times with my Girl Scout troop, and it was actually more fun than I had anticipated. I thought it would be really short and not very fun, but it was one of the most fun things I have done this year. 

First of all, the food was magnificent. They served you a drink, which was a choice of tea, pepsi, or water. After that, they served you a peice of garlic bread with tomato bisque to dip it in, or just drink on the side. I am not a fan of tomatoes, so I just dipped my bread in a few times. For the main course you got to eat a HUGE piece of chicken, like, half of a whole one, and you ate it with your hands. On the side, you got a piece of buttered corn (that tasted actually pretty good) and a half of a potato. I do not like potatoes, so I gave mine to my friend, so I have no clue if it was good or not. If you had allergies to anything, there was alternates. If you were allergic to nuts or you were a vegetarian, they would give you carrots, celery and hummus. For dessert, you got an apple pastry that tasted a little like pie. (that I personally disliked.) If you could not eat that, you would get a cherry ice pop. In conclusion, the food was actually pretty great, and let me tell you, I will not be eating chicken anytime soon!

Second of all, the entertainment was off the charts fantastic. You could tell that the fabulous Spanish Andalusians were trained well and they were treated fairly in the process. They were very loyal and they were extremely obedient to their handlers and their riders. The riders, who were the knights, were very skilled at riding, and you could tell they had years of practice. Speaking of the knights, they each represented a color, which was the color of their team, and the sections that the audience members were sitting in. The colors on the right hand side (looking from the front of the arena where the king and the princess sat) were red, black and white (which was my section) and the yellow section, who were all allies. The left hand side, which was our apposing side, consisted of green, yellow and red, and blue. Those teams were also allied. When they competed, they used marvelous acting skills, and it actually looked real. They used real weapons such as maces, swords (which made cool sparks when they clashed), axes, and shields. There was netting infront of us to keep us safe from flying weapons, shattered jousting poles, and other hazardous accidents. -Skipping to the end- In the end, my knight won, which was pretty cool. Apparently, to make it more organized, they change the winners and the knight colors every day of the week, and they have to make sure it goes according to plan every day. I could tell that the battles were a little exaggerated, but they made it look as real as possible and safe at the same time. I could tell that there was about two or three years of training before they could be in the show and be convincing to their audience. 

I forgot to say a few small details before, so I guess that I will say them now. There was a cool girl who I believe was named Sonya, who was skilled with this falcon who had a name that I could never remember... Anyways, the king was telling us about the ways of the falcon and some facts about it. It was pretty cool. It had a wingspan of three feet! Sonya let the falcon fly over the audience a few times, (which was one of the coolest things ever) and it flew right over my head! He came back, which was a really cool trick. Also, there was kinda like a story about the relationship between people and horses, and there was floor projections and fog machines. (The fog machines were used at dramatic moments and for special effects.) The knights were also really nice. Like, the red one was nice because when we waved at him, he waved back and smiled, which was all we wanted one of the knights to do. Just because they were skilled actors, doesn't mean that they can't be kind enough to say hi to their audience. Oh, and maybe I should say that you did not have to stand up. You actually get to sit on chairs at a long counter/table and eat your food right there while you watched the show. It was actually like you were at a real medieval times tournament in the fifth to the fifteenth century. The staff was nice, the knights were nice, and the whole event was based on the safety of the performers, the horses, and the audience members. I had a lot of fun and I will definatly be going again and I hope you give it a chance and go to Medieval Times with your friends and your family! :)