Happy Holidays from Wikia!

Every year, we put feature development on hold for a few weeks in December and focus on planning for the new year. As a result, there will be no major releases until January. So in the meantime, please enjoy a sneak preview of our Wiki Community Holiday Card, created by our members. (The final card will be available soon, and we'll let you know where to find it!)

  • Happy holidays from your friends at WikiShrekGo to WikiShrek
  • Visit the Adele Wiki to join in on our holiday festivities!Go to Visit the Adele Wiki
  • WoWWiki Holiday card 2011Go to
  • Seasons Greetings! Gamers unite to share their knowledge and experience! Thanks to Wiki for creating such a Community. from: Remnant Knights Wiki (Family)Go to Remnant Knights
  • Happy Holidays from Death Note Wiki!Go to Death Note Wiki
  • PMCW now has 100 pages! =) Happy Holidays!Go to Power Miners Custom Wiki
  • The Uncharted Wiki reached 1000 articles this year, and that number is growing thanks to the recent release of Uncharted 3! Happy Holidays from all of us here!
  • Merry Christmas From iCarly Wiki!!! <3Go to
  • The bug club wiki started about three months ago, and has 152+ photos.Go to Bug club wiki
  • After more than doubling the amount of pages and photos on our wiki this year, we want to say "Merry Christmas!" -NASA WikiGo to NASA Wiki
  • Happy holidays from the El Goonish Shive wiki!Go to The El Goonish Shive wiki
  • Merry Christmas from the Final Fantasy Wiki!Go to Final Fantasy Wiki

Enjoy the holidays, and happy editing!

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