Hey everyone! Our Iowa datacenter is back online much more quickly than expected, and our engineers have decided to push forward with our standard release. So here's this week's technical update...

Major Bugs Fixed

  • We're continuing to fix bugs with the Editor Redesign (available for preview in Wikia Labs). This week, we've redone the Preview dialog so it more accurately displays content as it will appear on the wiki. We've also made some improvements to our notifications.
  • All of the section header style glitches that showed up late last week have been resolved. If you see any others, please let us know.

Other Notable Changes

  • Old blog posts would suddenly display on the Popular Blog Posts module if you edited them to close comments. We've changed this behavior so editing an old blog post will no longer make it display in this module.

Select Known Issues

  • We've temporarily reverted to the old-style editor on Community Central because it was preventing users from creating new blog posts. We'll change it back as soon as that issue is resolved. (This problem is specific to Community Central, and is not happening elsewhere.)
  • Some users get disconnected from Chat periodically, and we're looking into ways to smooth out this experience. (By the way, how are you liking Chat?)
  • 'Member since' dates: We believe we have fixed the main issue, but we are still finding remnant cases where 'Member since' dates are being set to June 29, 2011 for a number of users who have been on Wikia for much, much longer.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. And if you have additional bugs to report, please send them to us via Special:Contact.