Here are the latest technical updates at Wikia. Keep in mind that our system updates happen every Wednesday, so we’re posting this on a Tuesday to give you advance notice. Also note that we change hundreds of tiny details every week, so these are just the highlights.

New Features

  • We are now able to offer a minor but interesting new feature to wikis upon request. It is called "CategoryIntersection" and allows users to see easily a list of pages that belong to multiple categories. You can play with it here on LyricWiki. If your wiki would like to have it enabled, please request it via Special:Contact.

Major Bugs Fixed

  • Imagemaps using external links will no longer throw errors that prevent the imagemaps from rendering.
  • Chrome users who were forced to log in after attempting to edit the page were not being returned to the edit screen after logging in, and were instead redirected back to the article or page itself.
  • The __NEWSECTIONLINK__ magic word should now work on the Forum namespace.

Other Notable Changes

  • Since the "views" count on in the Admin Dashboard Quick Stat has been down for awhile, we're visually disabling it this week (to reduce confusion) and adding a link to a help page where we'll post status updates about the issue.
  • The editor will now have CSS3 color gradients enabled for Opera and Internet Explorer.

Select Known Issues

  • Blog listings should be displaying recent blog posts after an hour-long cache delay, but we're seeing examples of the delay lasting up to two days. We're looking into possible fixes or an alternate cache configuration.
  • The "Save, I'm Done" button in Theme Designer sometimes keeps a user inside of Theme Designer instead of closing it.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. And if you have additional bugs to report, please send them to us via Special:Contact.

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