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Wikia Mobile is Movin' On Up

Dopp July 22, 2011 User blog:Dopp

It has been a crazy and exciting few months since our last Wikia Mobile update, but one thing has remained constant: mobile is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. Outside of Wikia, Google just revamped its mobile search interface, and even the popular game Angry Birds is experimenting with location-based technologies. We've been revving our mobile engine as well — not only has our team doubled in size, but we've recently released two mobile apps: LyricWiki (for iPhone and Android) and Game Guides (Version 1.6 for iPhone and Android). So brace yourself, karaoke stars and hard-core gamers, and read below for more info on each app.


LyricWiki, which has been downloaded more than 50,000 times since March in the Android Market, has made a very successful debut in the App Store, landing a "New and Noteworthy" spot under the Music category in the U.S. market this week. For those of you who didn't read our previous blog post, LyricWiki is the official mobile app of the community-powered lyrics site with the same name. It enables users to quickly access the full lyrics to more than 1.5 million songs (and growing!), as well as the discographies of artists, sorted by album.

  • LyricWiki for iPhone
  • LyricWiki for iPhone
  • LyricWiki for iPhone
  • LyricWiki for iPhone
Wikia Game Guides

Wikia Game Guides is a mobile app that allows users to quickly and easily find and view detailed information about their favorite games. This information is directly pulled from our most popular gaming wikis — and who else is more qualified to provide top gaming information besides Wikia users? In just four short months, this app garnered more than 100,000 user downloads (Android and iPhone combined).

By popular demand, a new and improved Version 1.6 of Wikia Game Guides has hit the iTunes App Store and Android Market shelves. iPhone users will be happy to see a new "back" button for ease of navigation and a black skin, which makes the app look slicker than ever. More importantly, our engineers were able to make major coding optimizations for both the the iPhone and Android apps to enhance the overall user experience with faster loading times, reduced crashes, and easily accessible search fields.

  • Game Guides 1.6 for iPhone
  • Game Guides 1.6 for iPhone
  • Game Guides 1.6 for iPhone
  • Game Guides 1.6 for iPhone
More updates to come

Please recognize that these apps are still works in progress, and that we are continually working to improve them. We've been doing our best to keep tabs on your valuable feedback, and we'd like to give a big "Thank You" to everyone who has contributed to our efforts.

In the spirit of all that is Wikia, we hope you keep the feedback coming, and we’ll return the favor by churning out awesome products that get better with each and every release. Stay tuned for more Wikia Mobile updates, because we're just warming up.

If you have feedback or suggestions on any mobile features, please leave a comment below (or send them to us via Special:Contact anytime). If you have any specific LyricWiki app-related questions, you can email the wiki's founder at You can check out our Mobile Help Page for mobile-related questions in general. And of course, please show some Wikia love by downloading and reviewing these free apps!

  • Wikia Game Guides for iPhone (new version) & Android (new version)

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