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I Need Help/Opinion For My Teen Wolf Fanfiction

Hello, everyone!

So, here's the thing: I'm planning on writing a Teen Wolf fanfiction this year, but I'm having a few little problems. Please help me, if you are interested.

First of all, I can't decide that what kind of fanfic should it be, a Derek/OC or an Isaac/OC one. I'm sure of one thing: I don't want a love triangle - I always hated them.

The reason why I choosed this two characters, because:

  • they're in my top 3 favorite male characters from TW
  • they're both lonely, they have nobody for who they are the most importants (yeah, Derek has Peter, and Isaac and Scott started to become friends, but that not's the same)

I really can't choose between these two, but I can't write a fanfic where they both have a love life, I know myself - I wouldn't be able to. So please write down your opinion, what would you prefer to read: a Derek/OC or an Isaac/OC fanfiction.

Pretty please, help me!

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