Dorina Neculce

aka Dorina Neculce Obedeya

  • I live in Deva-Romania
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is teacher
  • I am feminine
  • Dorina Neculce

    1.fallen tree

    Dorina Neculce the poetry writer

    I’m old today

    I have grooved skin

    of fallen tree I climb over the ruins and

    I sing with a feather shifted in my temple

    I bend over and I write epitaphs

    my hand is trembling as a violin

    the touch of the bow

    it dissipates me

    through space

    I become mistress wrapped in glass

    the quiver breaks me

    from thousands of pieces

    I get myself together -bloody dagger-

    blotting out the dusk

    2.Hipnotyc wave

    Stop, stranger In the final point And play your unreal The real Your last prom!

    Do not try to understand and To untie What bound With mad strings Dozens,,,, lose up.

    What use to transform yourself And now, in powder in smoke To fall, To burn, Then sleeping ashes To gather From broken wires To recompose you ..

    What do you want?…

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