1.fallen tree

Dorina Neculce the poetry writer

I’m old today

I have grooved skin

of fallen tree I climb over the ruins and

I sing with a feather shifted in my temple

I bend over and I write epitaphs

my hand is trembling as a violin

the touch of the bow

it dissipates me

through space

I become mistress wrapped in glass

the quiver breaks me

from thousands of pieces

I get myself together -bloody dagger-

blotting out the dusk

2.Hipnotyc wave

Stop, stranger In the final point And play your unreal The real Your last prom!

Do not try to understand and To untie What bound With mad strings Dozens,,,, lose up.

What use to transform yourself And now, in powder in smoke To fall, To burn, Then sleeping ashes To gather From broken wires To recompose you ..

What do you want? To take Piles of infinity To bury in the Zenith?

Stop! ! Hell Hear something? Someone calls you in the middle of the night? ... It's just the mirror lives From your life, Call you to tie Or a untie Like a garment torn To borrow, A cut in the hand The hurt ...

(Hypnotic wave What I sink, And in the depths white Impenetrable, Penetrate me)...

3.I am night

endless, white night I have flowers grown in thought and the angels hand. in my twilight birds are sad and blind, tighten seas in the flesh and my bones are tired

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children hangs like a stud blue metal meddlesome fingers in coastal and I run barefoot distraught over me crazy heated sands neighing mares seas with their smoke I gather burns in the eyelids thinking of you again come summer a troubled summer with sweaty bodies in gruesome expectations heart beating like a clock with wood eye where entered the small demons trying to extinguish my broken lips torn from flowing winter with an alluring howling winter with snows lit

Come rain murderous live my step and touch my eyes that I planted here and there

4. on bucsinescu street

on bucsinescu street lights are turning the denizens pulled the shutters and chained themselves behind the houses only hot ashes and darkness an inextinguishable darkness our predecessors are dying I think they struggle in the night as some wounded birds only carnivorous flowers remained at the windows holes in the air between life and day is a dirty crossing transcendental ghosts are waiting the tongue-tied tram with the empty maxilary with flowers are shimmering as if are strangled headlight the man is thirsty is today a disgusting carnivour the teeth are choking the fibring juicy meat is startling gleams of stone are dripping I stray with my hands in cross through the empty room I float known things a push-up bra the golden purse a shadow on your face the sweet scarf found again in your memory the counterfeit words it’s getting dark I am telling you on….. bucsinescu street people are dying

5.I never have needs

I never need air I keep it as a whim in the pocket as a heart of iron that is struggling.

this taking all the critics upon me We breaking the chain around the night’s neck and I bow a lot shadow over the same huge screen I hold in hand all my shadows and I dancing on a life of glass then I sing arpeggios the crickets are humming far I tell them about the old beacon stabbed in the body of the sea how was dipping the hands in ink covering me the sky who was bleeding sharpening leaving some weird marks over other marks a sort of ungainly scars like some caterpillars suddenly fatten over a very high wall

6.beyond shadow

I can’t explain them now even if they watch me behind the fence I can’t cover today the void from which are rising with split mouths like a childrens and I staying like a heart open with twitching ankles ready to run in her dark braid of sodden night- with eye upon me hold breath with clenched fingers so I don’t feel her but I felt her niche I felt her as a dagger stabbed deep in the ribs as a curled snake which was watering avidly from my arms beyond shadow

’don’t forget me! she was saying ’don’t forget me! what can be sadder than a forgotten man a whole life beyond the shadow ’crucified on a fence?’’

7.urban nostalgias

Felicia is surrounded by waters troubled her hands smooth shadows withered the bones leans more by adding booty for fishermen always with mouths open with eyes ardently with easy steps misshapen we slip and we hurried ,,to we know not whither,, felicia stretch sorrow the ropes Huge hearts bloody they wilt mildewy the face city with your shoulders of salt


my lonely sky sprinkles my shoulders cold with thousands of stars

9.The poem of the nigh

under the rain’s shadow the sand is looking for another shelter and I glow again the same lamp from an end of body forgotten by the butterflies I fall asleep children of bat I blow in their wings : go to sleep!!!! go to sleep!!! calming their fear I cradle and I cradle how beautiful I am I look like your hands stranger I even tell you I am mother I remember because my daughter is lighting lampions for me to glow and I glitter in thousand of rainbows my eyes have drowned deep for me another sky had opened and here the darkness is barking me from behind the blue shadows I am light I tell them making a gesture like this with darned arms I am the light blown out from another sky towards a different beginning but the horsemen were coming back they were slapping her they were throwing high words about a a supposed death of fearless tribune and they were saying with hungry lips with riven mouths: we only Us we’ll stay helpless to watch how the sky is casting you away

10.Hunter of shadow

Alone in a world of words I'll separe the waves From the front of the house i'll built from me eye the sand women's shoulder and built steps. to another sky

I am a shadow's hunter withought monocle or a silver scepter in snake shape. .Dear Death if you read this never step back through my wet trembling sights neither my forgot toungue never don't put balsam on it as the venin of a frozen down day of it. Never neither don't put the bell Of a Cathedral of cross-words song. Leave me fresh as i was and again Me mind Eye trough the lips of another sky in a plumb city sight I will reborn as an eagle shape Of my lonely sky


comes not say passer over the shadow shake a hand so I like a wet bird bears my people slap name into received and star I have thit on a map very old wich howth howls of wolves hiena put their smelling like snout the taste of blood (three drops petrified as our tongues)