• I live in Nazi Germany
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is fuhrer
  • I am Male
  • DrAssassin

    Hello people of Wikia. I have an idea for a couple of comic books, however my drawing is not the best to say the absolute least. If anybody is interested, please comment perhaps with a drawing. Thank you.

    Gladiator, or The Gladiator, or The Orange Gladiator, is about a hero with a suit that can morph multiple weapons, such as a sword, huge claw-like hands, machine guns, etc. (not all the details, there's more to it than that), he'll kill if he needs to and use quite brutal tactics to do so. So it would be pretty bloody and gory.

    Blackout is about a man who was a test subject for power experiments, he was given powers of darkness, more of a black morphing substance, giving him power ALMOST like Green Lantern.

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