Hello everyone, and welcome to this edition of staff interviews! Today we have a questionnaire filled out by none other than Sannse!

1. When did you become a Wikia Staff Member?

  • I joined Wikia in February 2006. It was tiny then, just 6 staff! It's been wonderful to see it grow over the last 8 years.

2. What department of Wikia do you work in?

  • I work in the Community Support Team. We look after the people using Wikia, and are some of the staff you are most likely to see around.

3. What do you enjoy most about Wikia?

  • The people. I absolutely love interacting with contributors and with my colleagues. And I get to log on to chat any time I want! (well... almost any time, if I don't have other stuff to get done ;)

4. If I recall correctly, you are originally from the UK, right?

  • Yes, my parents live in a small town on the East coast of England called Clacton-on-sea. It's not a very exciting place, although I like the beach. I love to visit my family there, but I also love to get back to San Francisco.

5. What is your favorite wiki to hang out at?

  • Tricky one... I would have to say Community Central, because that's the one I'm most involved in. But there are many others I like to call in to.

6. What is it like in San Francisco?

  • San Francisco is a wonderful place to be. It's very varied, with people from all over living here. We have lovely parks and shops (my favorite!) and beautiful beaches nearby.

7. What's your advice for anyone interested in becoming a Staff member?

  • I could write an essay about this one... I'd say the main things are to get as much experience and learning you can. And make sure you show it off well!
  • For example, if you are interested in community support, learn about that with resources online and courses about the Internet and the people who use it. Try to get involved on Wikia and elsewhere online. You might get involved on a non-wikia forum about a subject you love, or in moderating a subreddit or anything where you are interacting with and helping others online.
  • You should also make sure you have a good Facebook page, twitter feed, and maybe a personal website or blog - with no embarrassing content! That helps show people who you are and why they might want to hire you.

8. Aside from Wikia, what else do you enjoy to do?

  • That takes us back to shopping! I love looking round shops, and there are great ones here. I also spend a lot of time with my dog, Daisy, who means a lot to me. What else?... I make jewelry, go to restaurants with friends, and hang out online (yes, even after a day online for work).

9. If you could be Wikia CEO for 1 day, what would you do?

  • I would make that day a Wikia Day. That's when everyone in the office edits wikias, even if that's not part of their usual job (say, the office manager, or someone who works on finance). It's great fun, and I always look forward to that. Oh, and I'd order sushi for everyone's lunch (especially mine).

Stay tuned for our next edition!