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  • Dragonleaf5678

    URL: w:c:fancreations In essence, that means that you can write anything on any random fandom, or even create your own. For example, you could create your own video game franchise, company, book series, etc. on this wiki; however, something not supported here would be an article that features nothing but correct information on Star Wars, Doctor Who, you name it. For it to be considered fanon, it would have to at least partially contain information you have made up.

    This wiki is dedicated to fan-made material. That includes arbitrary shippings; very diverse characters of naive dispositions; new video games produced by Nintendo post-World War IV, etc. - anything you can think of belongs here. Yes, that includes ponies ...

    Here at the Fan Creat…

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  • Dragonleaf5678

    DRAGONLEAF5678 18:59, May 16, 2015 (UTC) •
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  • Dragonleaf5678

    Well, title says all.

    I'd love to find a Graphic Designer; who is up to doing a couple of tasks for me. I just need help designing a couple of stages for games; just pictures, not like actual game stages. So, is anyone up for the job? Thanks
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