aka Dreamkeeper of the Nightwings

  • I live in The Darkened Rebellion (secret location)
  • I was born on August 8
  • My occupation is I work for the Darkened Rebellion, I am a scroll writer and an artist. Along with being a seer of the future and a mind reader. My loyalty is to my friends, hurt or threaten them I hurt you.
  • I am Female
  • Dreamkeeper57

    About Myself

    February 23, 2017 by Dreamkeeper57

     Hi my name is Dreamkeeper, but you can call me Dream. I am fourteen years old, I am a mind reader and a seer (I can foretell the future). I have a husband named; Bravenight. We are both Nightwing assassins and have our own rebellion of assassins that is called 'The Darkened Rebellion'. We are having dragons join in right now. I have a daughter named; Crescent, a younger son named; Darkshadow, and our youngest daughter is named; Fateseeker. I care about my friends and family very much, threaten or hurt them I am coming after you. I will die trying to save them or I will die saving them. My husband is the leader of The Darkened Rebellion, he is also an animus Nightwing. I have blackish blue scales with silver main scales, my eyes are dark v…

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