Let's Talk About Gorgeous Male Celebrities!

Okay, so let's talk about Drew Chadwick!

He quit Emblem3 earlier this year because he wanted to pursue a solo career. I'm really upset that he quit Emblem3.... maybe because he quit or maybe because the band will have to change their name to Emblem2. Drew is the most amazing rapper and he is so good at it. I love that wonderful solo man. I'm so proud of him that he starts touring North America and South America in early 2015!


I heard rumors that he left the band because his girlfriend got pregnant and he wanted to be in the baby's life. Does he even have a girlfriend? And if he does, is she pregnant? People make up some crazy rumors. LOL!

Let's talk about his hair...... that hair looks absolutely perfect in a quiff or just hanging down! That mixture of blonde and brown is too much hotness for one guy!

In my opinion, Drew shouldn't have quit the band. Even though I'm really proud of him for pursuing his solo career, the band will never be the same without him <3

That's all folks!

Remember to message me if there is a male celebrity that you want me to talk about! I'll take your suggestion into consideration! Make sure that it isnt a guy that I have already done!<3