• DrewPicklesBarneyBunch
    1. Buy a black cardboard box
      • A good way to save on cardboard is to use boxes that have been purchased. You can save them and paint them black. 
    2. 2Figure out if you want to be an old fashioned TV or a newer one. If wanting to be a old one, your antennae will be made of wire or just stick a hanger on the top of the box. You will use black duct tape to stick it on with (if you use wires). Then you would paint the box with a little bit of silver so that it would look like a TV. 
      • Cut out a hole for your face to show up. Make the box tall, square and wide so you could fit in. DO NOT CUT OUT ARM HOLES
    3. 3'Make sure the box is as long as your upper legs to the top of your head'. If not buy/make a different box (it's best to measure your sizes before you…
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