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Fixing Problems with CSS

Dser November 26, 2011 User blog:Dser

With this week's update came a few bugs and other things I've seen that people don't like on oasis. I am an amateur coder, but I found css to temporarily fix some of these.

Search bar on history pages

The search bar on history pages was not in the right location. Use the following to fix this:

.wikinav2.oasis-one-column .WikiaPageHeader {

Special:Search search bar

The large search bar on Special:Search was extended too far. Use the following to fix this:

.WikiaPage > .WikiaPageContentWrapper > .WikiaMainContent > .WikiaArticle > .WikiaSearch input[type="search"], 
.WikiaPage > .WikiaPageContentWrapper > .WikiaMainContent > .WikiaArticle > .WikiaSearch input[type="text"] {

Removing lines

Removing the line under the search bar:

.wikinav2 .WikiaRail > .WikiaSearch, .wikinav2 .WikiaSearchHeader > .WikiaSearch {
  padding-bottom: 6px;
  margin-bottom: 3px;

Removing the line under the header:

.wikinav2 .WikiaPageHeader {

Removing the line under the comments box:

.upper-pagination {
  padding-top: 10px;
  margin-bottom: 5px;

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