Hi Wikia community!

I'm Andrew. I just joined Community Support as your new Technical Community Manager.

My last role was at, also located here in San Francisco. I started in community but my role eventually evolved into being a QA Engineer. I truly missed working with the community after a couple years on the back end, though, so I came back to my roots.

In my off time, my favorite thing to do is bike the hills of San Francisco in pursuit of cheap, delicious food. I'm also a sports junkie (GO DODGERS!), a Memory Alpha consumer, and the world's number one consumer of Sierra Nevada Summerfest.

I have "technical" in my title because I'll be the one communicating with you about under-the-hood changes we make. I've gotten a little peek into Wikia's future and it's genuinely exciting. Especially if you work with Wikia’s tools and back-end functionality, you’ll probably hear from me. Our job is to put your communities in front of as many fans as possible, and we’ll need your input and ideas on how to do that.

I'm still in the training phase, but you'll start seeing me and my smiling face out and about soon enough. Please say hi! I'm new but I'm quite friendly, and all of you have something you can teach me. And please feel welcome to ask me anything in the comments!

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