All of you must know Logan Paul. If you don't he is a youtube star with 15 million subscribers and makes daily vlogs. A recently he went on a trip to Japan and yesterday he went to a sucide forest to go camping probably. He finds a dead body and decided to whip out his camera to record it. I mean seriously he is using that poor man for views and money. He got double the views from his last vlog. What a normal respectful person would of done was call the police and leave. But no Logan isn't a respectful man nope. I honestly though he was a bit less of a idiot than Jake but no I am wrong now they a both equal. On the chart of idots (they are at the top) its 2018 a brand new start. No Logan just has to ruin it. After he saw that he was laughing and making jokes just to add fuel to the fire. People are still supporting him wow if you are supporting him please go away and never come back to my profile :) 

Sorry for such a negative first blog post. Please unsubscribe from him he isn't worth your time.