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  • I am having an aneurysm out of sheer stupidity
  • Dudeguy WC

    Illuminati has 10 letters.

    So does illuminati.

    Illuminati's symbol is represented by a triangle.

    You know what else has triangles in their symbol.

    That's right, illuminati.

    But I think we need to dig deeper, this isn't enough evidence.

    Evidence has 8 letters.

    So does triangle.

    Looking at what we said above, illuminati and illuminati both have triangles in their symbols.



    illuminati is not illuminati.

    Half Life 3 will never be confirmed.

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  • Dudeguy WC

    I'm currently trying to add a template called "Multiple issues" to a wiki, which would allow a bot I use to do better maintenance tasks. The way I have it set up is the templates are in an expandable table, but I can't figure out how to set up the parameters to only have the correct ones on whichever pages. If anyone could offer some assistance, that'd be appreciated.

    Yes, I've read many pages about complex templates and parameters already, I can't find an answer.

    The template - [1]

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