Okay, now THAT'S how you make a trailer. I have hopes for this, I really do. general observations, I do see some questionable things, and some good things. 1: since when is the flashes lightning blue? It's yellow. Zoom from the TV show has his lightning blue, but yeah, i don't know where they got that from.2: where is Superman? That whole dirt rising of the coffin thing was for nothing then?3: why does the CGI look like video game graphics?4: as most DC fan boys know, doomsday is an immortal death machine, and since they never showed what they did with his body in dawn of justice ending, will he return, or will Zack Snyder forget another trait of a DC character? And if he does return, will look like he's supposed to, and not like a cave troll from lotr on steroids?5: I am one of the very few who actually enjoyed dawn of justice, but despite its flaws, it had one big one I didn't like much. Batman was pretty violent, but that's not the problem. He's been over the top destructive in the comics to, but I mean the movie itself. The plot was throwing adults off, and I am pretty sure kids were having a hard time understanding it to. It was so complicated, it hardly felt like a superhero film. But if you think the theatrical was violent, watch the ultimate edition. Point I'm trying to make here, look at marvel. Simple, but interestingly unique plot's and they can be enjoyed by kids and adults. Marvel has its violence to, but its not like gruesome or anything. Just make this one little more kid friendly, and adult appealing. Kids like these movies to, and the overprotective parents won't let them experience it if it turns into a DC film inspired by the Die Hard franchise violence.Now on to the good things1: glad to see Zack got the costume's ....mostly right. Except for Aquaman of course, but he's the exception. He needed a face lift, and he got it. Now he looks bad a**!2: we only got a sample of Gal Gadot's wonder woman in dawn of justice, but even the tiny portion of this trailer shows why she was a perfect choice to play WW. She's an amazing choice for that role!3: something else fanboys are familiar with, the mother boxes. I am positive I saw them in this trailer, and it was on cyborgs file from dawn of justice. You know some s**** going down with these things!4: and finally, all In all, pretty great trailer! This should have been the original teaser. I know I didn't list the best things shown in this, but wasn't much to chose from. Anyway like I said let's hope this doesn't flop. Don't let us down Zack! Oh yeah one more thing.... Zack, please limit the dream sequence stuff in this, and don't throw something at us we have to wait for to be explained in another movie.