• Dylanmc12

    SH Homecoming :Oh god was it disapointing. Is this why you never give an American Video-Game company a J-Horror Franchise.

    Strangely, Origin's game over resembles what just happened to the series : "Ran over by a Mack truck."

    Gameplay has never been SH's stand point, You're a Ramdom Person stuck in a big haunted town, you're not ment to be a Weapon's Enthusiast, a tragic soul who has no idea where they are.

    You know how SH would always take peices of the Portagonist's and symbolise them in the monsters?

    When was Alex terrorized by a Banana Skin? Coming back to the subject, Why are the "Bubble Nurses" back?

    The only reason they were sexualized in SH 2 Was because James Was sexually frustrated.

    Now trust me, on it's own Merits, It's FINE.

    Just compa…

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