aka Emmie

  • I live in Excel
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is I am disabled. I have epilepsy but I do write and I tutor as well
  • I am Female
  • EMMIE1990

    First of all my first ever blog is actually explaining what my blogs are going to be about.

    Have you ever just got so mad at the ending of a book or movie that you wanted to curse? 

    Has a television show been canceled and left you hanging or just threw a random ending out just so they could wrap up the show?

    Has an ending to a book literally made you so angry that you threw the book across the room after you were finished? I seriously did that. 

    This blog is going to right the wrongs. Its going the tie up loose ends. This blog is going to discuss books, movies, television,  and anything else that comes to mind in the future tht needs our attention.  If anyone has any suggestions message me. Im going to write their stories endings and answer th…

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