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I need help desperately!!!!

Hello. So I'm Ed, and I need help. If you don't know, I am an admin on The Next Step Wiki, but this is not about my wik, it's about this other wiki called Family Channel Wiki. The show The Next Step is owned by Family, and this one user (Hihibobo) has been ruining this wiki by adding innapropiate words/pages/pictures and I really want to help the Family Channel Wiki. Although I don't edit, I can tell by all the spam that no one has been on that wiki other than Hihibobo. I want to start rollbacking this nonsense, but I want to know what to do because I want to become admin and ban Hihibobo, but it seems that this wiki is like an abandoned amusement park. No one goes there, but very rarely people go there for tours and such. That why I need advice.



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