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    Game Of Thrones, Season 2

    October 27, 2012 by Eesstle

    ]Game Of Thrones is an interesting test case for the last decade claim the winning TV movie. A: Not exactly. The second season of Game Of Thrones was sucks because in the end it looks like a TV movie trying to dress up. And when it comes to fantasy, effects, etc., it does not work.

    Game Of Thrones had to be treated along the lines of Lord of the Rings . Her PR made ​​a lot of noise about the budget - 50-60 million for the season. It cool for a TV series, but still not the standards of the big screen., And so it seemed. Their problem aptly put education minister in the Netanyahu government next - where's the money?

    Game Of Thrones tries to combine all that with the bombastic nature of the film Summer. It does not work. There are too many nake…

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