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  • Eladkse

    A Fix For Search

    May 9, 2012 by Eladkse

    Last week, Wikia released an update to the search function, which meant that using the searchbar took you to a list of results instead of a matching page. The reason for this is simple: to make searching for terms which are also page names easier.

    Like many changes on this site in the past few years, this has proven rather controversial, with many users preferring the old system of 'search and go'. To fix this, and show that the Oasis searchbox could work better with both 'Go' and 'Search' buttons, I created a bit of JavaScript that adds a second button to the searchbar and restores the default enter key function.

    You may already be aware of this code thanks to various blog comments. However, I thought I'd make a blog about it, as there seems …

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  • Eladkse

    Hey everyone,

    I recently discovered the wonders of URL shortening sites like and and found them brilliant for linking to articles with rather long URLs. This morning I had a brainwave: why not have a customised URL shortening tool for Wikia?

    It could be a special page on each wiki that allows the user to enter the article url or name, and then the page shortens it to a url like wik.ia/t83nfhg6 ready to be used on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

    Tell me what you think below, and if any staff are reading this, do you think it would be feasable?

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