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April 26, 2013
  • Elijah Mikaelson 354

    I am saying this, Sadly by next week. I will be Leaving wikia. Throughout these year's since joining this wonderful wiki (which i accept as my home) all the mods and admins around have helped me and will be in my memorys till the end off time. Also i would love to thank's: Callofduty4 and Ozank and Ransomtime, For helping me around wiki since i made my first account (Jac2104) i know that i have been banned alot from this chat but i'm deeply sorry. Also my wiki's have been going great, and i hope someone will lookafter it. Also i would love to thanks these wiki's in pacticlar: Callofduty wiki, Community Central Wikia, and My Little Pony Wikia. Also i would love to thank's Cook Me Plox for being the first admin who banned me from wikia 


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