"O, did I forget to introduce myself? Well, I am Peter. Peter Pan." - Robbie Kay as Peter Pan, OUAT.

Well, my name is Elizabeth (Pan :P), there a few things people have to know about me. And they are coming right now in a little story beneath this very boring introduction? Nice introduction? You pick.

My actual name is Lisette, but I prefer Elizabeth, because I loath the name Lisette. Really... And Elizabeth just sounds a bit cooler to me and it has something classy and cool because of Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Carribean and Pride and Prejudice off course. My second point is that I am obsessed with stories filled with Fantasy. I love them, esspecially Peter Pan. All the versions I am aware of are in my eyes totally awesome: Peter Pan with Jeremy Sumpter, a bit fake and childish but fun to watch from time to time. The disney version offcourse, always nice. That one makes me feel like I am little child again, but that is something all the classic disney movies do. Hook with Dustin Hoffman/Julia Robert/Robin Williams, a movie that I know for years. Neverland with Ryse Ivans and Charlie Rowe. Also fun. I really love how Ryse Ivans plays all kind of parts in movies. Like his part in Nothing Hill and in Harry Potter as Luna' father. Really cool. And then the version of Once upon a time, where Peter is the bad guy. A really nice twist in the original story. I also love to read the books. Mostly from J.K Rowling, Cassandra Clare and J. R.R Tolkien. I really loved The Hobbit, very much of description but still. The story was great.  And then there is my own writing. Because I want to be a writor like those other guys I just mentioned. For the rest there is just my four fandoms: Robbie Kay, Asa Butterfield, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp.

My Top 3 Books:

1.Flipped-Wendelin van Draanen

2.Clockwork Angel-Cassandra Clare

3.Harry Potter and the deathly hallows-J.K Rowling

My Top 3 Movies:

1.The Mortal instruments, City of Bones


3.Harry Potter and the prisoner of askaban

My top 3 tv-shows:

1. Merlin BBC

2.Once Upon a time ABC