Hello. My name is EllegaardRedstone22 and I am the founder of Ellie's Chat Club Wiki.

Our Wiki may seem like just a place to chat, but it is so much more.

We try our best to encourage our users to edit more and write stories, yes, you can write your own stories! Every month we have a featured story vote to determine which story will appear on the front page! We also have rewards, such as Gold Stars and Diamonds. My friend Gerald-XR-Donovan holds the record for both of them. Can you beat him?

There are many great stories on our Wiki; Minecraftia series, Uniception duology, Kids With A Website, Protectors saga, and many, many more.

We are not really a small community either. We currently have over 350 pages and around 70 users have joined our community. However, there are only four active users.

This is why I am publishing this. We hope to hit at least 25 active users. All we need you to do is to stay active and write stories. There is no set limit on how many you can write - write 100 if you want to.

The link is:


EllegaardRedstone22 (Acquaint with me here) 20:08, April 9, 2017 (UTC)