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  • Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin

    If you see this, you probably have a wiki. You are unsure what to do.

    To-Do lists can be useful for this, but what stuff to add to a Wiki to-do list?

    • Add categories to uncategorized pages.
    • Add missing info on pages.
    • Removing outdated info and replacing it with in-date info.

    • Check Special:WikiActivity (On the wiki you are admin of) every now and then.
    • Browse through the history of recently edited pages (To check for users who have been acting up.)
    • View the wiki's insights. This should let you know what you need to change and edit.
    • If the wiki has a chat, you can moderate it. (Which brings me to our next list)

    • Moderate the chat.... That's about all Chat Mods do.

    To-Do lists can be useful if you are doing them right. Take this blog as a note, whether y…

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  • Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin

    Feel free to comment your reasons for your answer on the poll below!

    I personally feel like I'd be better off not as a mod but I am unsure what other users think.

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  • Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin

    So know how this wiki's chat has banned off-topic conversation? Do you want to be able to talk about whatever you feel like (Within rules of course!!)? Well there's a solution! The Social Heroes Wiki.

    It's a wiki meant for people to go on and be social. It was made because the rule on CC that banned off-topic conversation. I decided to make a place where you can be off-topic. You can make as many pages about whatever you want as long as they comply with the Wikia ToU and wiki rules if you want too!

    It's just something I made up. I had superheroes on my mind while discussing the idea of the wiki with my friends, and the name stuck.

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  • Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin

    Hi I am a typo fixer! I fix people's typos on wikia pages. It's actually quite fun! If you ever need a typo fixer just let me know!

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  • Ember Sunrize the inkling-fennekin

    let's say you are a wikia user with a wiki (which you probably are) and you are looking for contributors to make your wiki more popular, but wait. Is it really worth it? We'll dive into that.

    In this blog I will be covering popularity this goes for popularity of a wiki, user, etc. Feel free to add your own pros and cons!

    • Almost everyone will recognize you

    • Magnet, You might become what is called a magnet
      • Basically people will follow you everywhere you go.

    • People will help it grow.
    • It'll have a community and people will add to it

    • Increase rate of trolls
      • This includes Vandals and chat trolls.
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