If you see this, you probably have a wiki. You are unsure what to do.

To-Do lists can be useful for this, but what stuff to add to a Wiki to-do list?

General To-Do list

  • Add categories to uncategorized pages.
  • Add missing info on pages.
  • Removing outdated info and replacing it with in-date info.

Admin To-Do list

  • Check Special:WikiActivity (On the wiki you are admin of) every now and then.
  • Browse through the history of recently edited pages (To check for users who have been acting up.)
  • View the wiki's insights. This should let you know what you need to change and edit.
  • If the wiki has a chat, you can moderate it. (Which brings me to our next list)

Chat Moderator To-Do list

  • Moderate the chat.... That's about all Chat Mods do.


To-Do lists can be useful if you are doing them right. Take this blog as a note, whether you're just starting out, already have an established wiki, or somewhere in between (I'm somewhere in-between) I will be applying these to my wiki usage for SURE!