Hi, everyone. I'm sure that a blog post is probably not the best way to get this problem noticed, but it's the only thing I can think of right now. The situation is dire.

Let me tell you the backstory to this whole disaster:  a while back, my friend Stardust16, a loyal user on this site, made a mistake on the Lab Rats: Bionic Island wiki (months ago, mind you) that basically had a few administrators hating her. Basically, she became an admin there, and she gave a user a warning for repeatedly adding a category that didn't exist. Turns out it did exist, and Star just didn't know (I mean, 'Super Strong People'? I didn't even know that was a legitimate category!). So the staff blew up at her and demoted her. The works.

Now, on the Lab Rats: Elite Force wiki, she managed to regain their trust (yes, the administrators on the Bionic Island wiki are also the admins of the Elite Force wiki) and became a moderator. Meanwhile, I applied and was accepted for adminship. Happy ending? Yeah, not so much.

The story continues with a user who was applying for a chat moderator position, Davenport Duggie Davenport. He actually was not often seen in the chat, and so the administrator/bureaucrat whose wall he had posted it to, DbzLabRats13, denied his application. Later, when Duggie announced that he would reapply later on, Star told him that she would reccomend him. However, she was unaware that Dbz had already told Duggie that a reccomendation would likely do no good. The results of that can be seen here:

Now, because he seems to think that she was only 'using' him (for what, I'm really not sure), Duggie is advocating for the admins to strip Stardust of her mod position, saying that she is only ever trying to harm other users (which is untrue on all accounts, I assure you). The conversation can be seen here,, on LabRatsFan123 (the founder of the wiki)'s wall. I want to step in - and you would think that, as an admin, I would have a way to do that. Unfortunately, since it is well known that Star is my friend, Dbz felt the need to have a 'chat' with me about how I needed to 'set aside my friendships' and 'focus on my duties as an admin'. I'm trying, I really am. But we seem to have conflicting opinions on what 'setting aside my friendships' and 'focusing on my duties' means. It's hard to step in to arguments like this when I'm afraid he might see it as me 'abusing my power' and 'blindly defending my friends, no matter if they're wrong or not'. I'm afraid he might demote me - he has the power to. I don't find this fair. This isn't the first time something like this has happened, where Star is blamed for something she didn't do. I'm afraid - for Star, for her position, for me, for my position. For what could happen to users in the future if something else like this were to happen.

I do not think that the staff members and users mean to cause Stardust mental harm, but she really is terrified. She doesn't know what could happen, if she could be banned or demoted, if that could have a lasting effect on her relationship to others on the wiki. Again, I don't think these particular people intended to frighten her. I think they want to defend the wiki from any danger. But the way they're going about it simply isn't proper. To be clear: this post is not to assign blame. I don't wish to get these people in trouble. In fact, I am friends with the admins aforementioned. I don't want them to be angry at me. If they are, I am sorry about that - it was not my inention to lose friends today. I don't wish to be stripped of my own position for speaking out. If I am, I am sorry about that, too - because if I am demoted, I have failed my friends and have failed in my duties. I do not wish for any of that. But there is one thing I do wish for: I want justice for Star.

So in conclusion to this, I would gladly accept two things: advice... and help. If you would be so kind as to advise us (Star will be taking this advice, as well as I) on what to do about this, it would be much appreciated. Additionally, if you could go to the Elite Force wiki and help Star out by defending her against the staff members who are targeting her, it would mean so much.

Thank you for your time.