As you are most probably advised titanic 3-D has arrived available with a fresh rewrite on James Cameron epic love tale. A few of you might be enthusiastic to see that picture once more in addition to 3-D technology could be remarkable but please take a second to take into account this about half of the picture associated with titanic will be used watching abundant individuals dining and building up on a love story among Leonardo DiCaprio and rose which is to express that that a 3rd of the film Can anyone figure out the point of 3-D in some of these movies? Yet I can see that then end of a Titanic motion picture is cool but really doing it to see the whole thing through 3-D could just be a massive way to get us to pay more money for the same thing Sending out my best wishes to the persons that are hoping that this time around Titanic is good to be different than the very last time they saw it Well he's finally done James Cameron has demonstrated that we don't need costly move flick remakes we just need to take an old one in major 3-D what could be the next motion picture a clockwork Orange in 3-D?...maybe schindlers list in 3-D there, theres a James Cameron idea.
Epic Fail