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November 30, 2011
  • EpicWikipedian

    Now, this rotten junk is spammed onto Default's and WikiaBot's avatars, and is even put right in front of you when you're adding a link in rich text mode. Sorry, Wikia, but this is not on, and you need to start listening to users because this far more than I can take. I am not putting up with some of the most horrible logos I have seen in my life, and I know that a change of logo shouldn't cause this much anger, but I really can't hold on anymore. I've tried to tell Wikia Staff nicely to change it back, and they clearly haven't even took my thoughts into consideration, so now I have to reveal my anger.

    I am sorry to those of you who I might have offended by the paragraph above, but I really do feel that this blog was necessary, and Wikia St…

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  • EpicWikipedian

    Well, how disgusted I am. I don't mean to offend anybody, but went this junk hit my screen I was actually frightened. Please change this back! I really hope that this is just an April Fools joke, but that is not likely. Is there any CSS or Javascript to revert this terrible change?

    I really am afraid that these series of new changes (removing possibility for easily adding level 4 menus to navigation, and more recently, a video redesign and "Gaming" being renamed to "Video Games") are actually discouraging new users rather than encouraging them. Thanks!

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  • EpicWikipedian

    Hello, it's me, EpicWikipedian. It's just that I want more editors to come to Crashix and start editing to help it become the best Crash Bandicoot fansite that ever existed, and if you know at least a little bit about Crash Bandicoot, please join today! Click here to go to Crashix now! I've been fairly quiet about this wiki up until now, but a lot of good editors have left this wiki and Crashix is beginning to suffer as a result, so I've added it to the "Wikis that need editors" thing and decided to make a blog about it.

    Well, back in November 2011, one day, one of the epic Wikipedians got a magnificent idea. He entered the labs, mixed a few potions together, and a brand new site was created; Crashix (the site was known as "Bandipedia Highlig…

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