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I do feel guilty to bring this up again, but...

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Now, this rotten junk is spammed onto Default's and WikiaBot's avatars, and is even put right in front of you when you're adding a link in rich text mode. Sorry, Wikia, but this is not on, and you need to start listening to users because this far more than I can take. I am not putting up with some of the most horrible logos I have seen in my life, and I know that a change of logo shouldn't cause this much anger, but I really can't hold on anymore. I've tried to tell Wikia Staff nicely to change it back, and they clearly haven't even took my thoughts into consideration, so now I have to reveal my anger.

I am sorry to those of you who I might have offended by the paragraph above, but I really do feel that this blog was necessary, and Wikia Staff needs to look back at the damage they have done to their wikis.

If anybody could provide some CSS and/or JavaScript to change these extra annoyances back, that would be great (the original code that reverts back the global topbar and footer still works but there are now extra annoyances to be reverted), but I fear, now that it is this prominent in the Wikia interface, I will have to be forced into this horrible new logo whether or not I like it, which I never will because I have a disorder (not telling you what it is as I don't want to be figured out in real life).

By the way, I didn't know whether or not I should bump my old blog or make a new blog about this, but since a Wikia Staff member has said the old blog has "run it's course", and the old blog has probably been around for long enough, I decided to make a new blog about this. Thanks for listening.

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